Making rainbow cookies the easy way

Rainbow cookies

I had seen this rainbow cookie recipe on Etsy and instantly fell in love with it – it looked fun, beautiful and seemed very easy to make. At least this is what the recipe lead to me to believe….

I thought it was also a great idea for a bit of indoor fun and cooking with children. So I read the recipe several times, tried to convert US units of measurements into UK units and off I went to buy my supplies; buying the food colouring, the butter, the flour and all the ingredients listed and set about making my a batch of rainbow cookies.

Only… it wasn’t quite so easy. The dough seemed to break and not really hold together melted constantly regardless of how much flour I kept adding in (maybe too much butter). But I carried on, much to my son’s bemusement until the dough looked less rainbow and more…. well, like this disaster :

Cookies expectation vs reality

So I had an idea. I thought there’s no point trying to make the dough again when clearly I wasn’t very good at it and remembered I could purchase some ready-made for a fraction of the price and save myself some aggravation. Off we went to our local supermarket, where all of a sudden there was a multitude of choice: there was ready made cookie dough with chocolate chips but there was also some not-so-ready made cookie mix.

I wasn’t very convinced that the cookie dough with the chocolate chips was quite right for the recipe, besides – how would I colour it? Still I purchased some gel food colour and off I went very determined to achieve perfect rainbow cookies!

Dr Oetker food colouring

Except Round 2 was another  disaster. My son had a great deal of fun getting messy and trying to colour the chocolate chip dough – which, it turned out, was very difficult to roll into a half decent shape. So, we ended up with a giant rainbow chocolate chip cookie that looked like this:

Giant rainbow cookie

I explained to my son that we cooked this big cookie for my Big Friendly Giant, and, as a result we played giants (meaning chasing up and down the stairs and tickling, all evening).

But I didn’t want to give up. I wanted to give it one last go with the cookie dough mix. One last try. I used a sieve to remove all the “polka dots” – essentially small sugar coated chocolate buttons, which my son  – who was assisting me in the kitchen –  took great delight in eating as quickly as he could.

I had two packs, in retrospect three would have probably been a bit better to have enough to play around with the dough, but two was good enough. I followed the steps on the pack (adding 50 grams of melted butter per pack and stirring to form a dough). I was still unsure, as the dough was a bit crumbly still. I separated the dough into 6 different bowls and added the food colouring. Miracle produced – the food colouring actually helped the dough bind together and shape nicely.

From this point onwards, I followed the Etsy recipe which meant rolling the dough with a violet baton in the middle which was then rolled into the blue bit, the green, yellow, orange and finally red wrapped it all up. Top Tip: next time I’ll use more dough for the orange and red bits as I was really struggling to make them hold the rest of the dough nicely.

I froze the dough a little – for up to 30 minutes so as to be able to cut it nicely – and it worked! I was so happy to see this finally coming together and my son was, of course, very excited to eat the rainbow cookies. Our cookies don’t look perfectly rounded, but we were more than happy with them (in fact we were ecstatic we finally succeeded).

cookies straight from the freezer

rainbow cookie dough

We put them in the oven at around 160 degrees (fan assisted) for 10-15 mins and the result was really good :

baked cookies

And they were also really really yummy.

Definitely a recommended recipe, very simple – especially if you learn from my mistakes – and a lot of fun to both make and eat!

Are you going to try to make those cookies? We’d love to hear if you have more tips and hints to make beautiful rainbow cookies.

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