Rain? No problem! Enjoy your summer holidays this year.

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If you live in the UK, you’ll know that summer sun is not guaranteed. And while we’ve had some really beautiful hot sunny days so far this year (fingers crossed for more), they’ve also been interrupted by rain. Have no fear, though, there’s a whole lot of fun to have even when the rain is pouring!

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If you’re travelling to England from different corners of the world, we hope the occasional rain drop won’t put you off. There are so many other Great British pastimes to enjoy, such as a good cream tea, strawberries and plenty of comedy.
Planning some holiday fun for both adults and children can be sometimes difficult. Throw rain into the mix and you might find you spend more time looking and planning than doing.

Indoors attractions for the family

In our house we’ve made a pact; when we travel, we’ll visit a fair deal of attractions for both adults and children. So we’ll break them down for you by category:

Indoors adventures for children

Certain attractions are for kids only. Take your children there and enjoy a cuppa and relax while they run about and spend all that energy.
Our directory features some very original indoor places including miniature towns for children. These are a great idea for developing social skills, as children can pretend they are policemen, firemen etc.
You can also go for a bounce at a trampoline park (for children aged 6 upwards), have some fun on slides in a double-decker play centre or go skating or karting indoors.

Arts and crafts for children

If you’re after a relaxing activity, arts and crafts – such as potteries, or even chocolate making (and tasting) – with your children are the answer.
Check out our Rainy Days Fun directory for ideas close to you (Tip: our directory will give you travel directions).

Museums for the whole family

There are also attractions that the whole family will enjoy, as adults can also learn something new while visiting them.
Explore nature indoors in an aquarium – great fun where you can learn a lot about marine life and environment protection.
Pretend you’re a scientist or a cosmonaut or wonder how machines and robots work in a science museum or a historian interested in people from the past!
A lot of museums feature activities with favourite characters from fiction, such as Peter Rabbit or Roald Dahl’s characters – check them out in our Museums category.
As we grow, we promise to bring you more and more ideas for fun indoors places to visit so watch this space and follow us on social media.

Ideas for indoors fun when you’re not travelling

If you’re not travelling and you’re spending the holidays at home, then plenty of activities are in store for you. Little ones enjoy getting wet, so putting on a pair of wellies to chase those muddy puddles is still our number one favourite activity in the rain.
But not everybody wants to get wet so, if you have a box of arts and crafts material, it’s time to take it out and get the creativity rolling.
The humble piece of paper, be it coloured or white,  provides endless possibilities.
Try your hand at origami, a great indoors activity that teaches skills such hand-eye coordination, patience and attention to detail. Not to mention that you’ll make some really nice pieces to impress your friends. Or create cute animals like this paper caterpillar using coloured paper, sticky eyes and pipe cleaners.
Some children enjoy playdough so, if you don’t have any handy, you can make playdough at home using just some flour, food colouring, oil water and salt.
Drawing is a classic favourite –  let your children draw freely or help them out and have some fun, with this simple cotton buds tree drawing technique. Or get their favourite books out and read some stories while enjoying the quiet drip drop of the rain drops.
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