5 of The Best Cabin Fever Busting Ideas for Kids

Little boy behind the window in the rain, looking sad

You’re stuck in the house with your little one. They’re getting over a nasty bug but but can’t yet go to school, or you’re stuck indoors because for the last few days it’s been raining like it’s monsoon season and your weekend plans have been rained-out and you’ve started to hear the dreaded “I’m bored”…. Sound familiar? And a bit like a nightmare? Don’t panic; we’ve compiled some of our favourite indoors activities that will keep you all entertained:

Mission Impossible Obstacle Maze

What Moms love Obstacle Maize
Obstacle Maize: Source What Moms love Pinterest

For this activity you can use either Crepe Paper  or this cute, London-themed Washi Tape.

Create an intricate maze in either hallways or door frames for your children to work their way through. Put the tape up high and down low, forcing them to step over and crawl under at various points. A great, fun activity for the little ones while you put your feet up – though before you know it, they’ll be asking you to keep making another one for them.

Have an indoors snowball fight! 

With DIY snowballs of course!

Indoor Snowball Craft
DYI Snowball craft: credit A Parenting Production

These are easy to make and you can have snowball fights in the comfort of your home, without runny noses, cold feet, wet gloves or snow all over your sofa!

You will need:

How to make the snowballs: 

1. Cut a notch an inch wide and a couple of inches deep on one of the short sides of your cardboard.

2. Wrap your wool around the cardboard over the notched end. The number of times will depend on the thickness of your wool. Cut the end once you’ve wrapped your wool around the cardboard enough.

3. Cut a length of wool from the main roll to use as a tie, about 8 inches or so. Using the notched area of your cardboard wrap the string around the centre of the bunch of wool a few times cinching it down into an hourglass shape. Make sure to cinch it tightly and tie a knot.

4. Once your tie is in place slide the looped wool from your cardboard. Once it’s off it will look a little like a bow.

5. Cut through the looped wool on both ends. Cut down the centre of the loops as best as you can. Cutting the looped ends will give you a rough pom pom or ball shape.

6. After the loops are all cut down the centre fluff the ball a bit to help set the yarn in place and then trim the ends to give your snowball a nice evenly round shape.

Paint with ice!

ice popsicle painting
Ice lolly Painting: credit Easy Peasy and Fun

All you need is:

  • 1 cup of water
  • Red, yellow, green, and blue food colouring (or any colours you like!)
  • Short lolly sticks
  • Ice cube tray

Tips: add just a tiny bit of food colouring to the trays and mix well. Place a lolly stick in the tray and leave around 6-7 hours to freeze or overnight and lay a newspaper on the table before you paint as the newspapers will stain!

Learn Origami

Origami is one of our favourite activities here at Rainy Days Fun.  It’s non-messy, it improves skills such as concentration, fine motor skills and even mindfulness in both adults and children.

We have a few books about the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, we thoroughly reccomend Easy Origami for Children .

You will also need some origami sheets to make your own pieces of craft.

Or you can also buy a ready made Origami kit with paper and instructions, from Creativity for Kids

Make paper indoor umbrellas

DYI Rainy Day paper plate umbrella
Credits: My Teens Guide

We loved this project as it is really easy to do with very little supplies  – you just need some imagination.

You will need some pipe cleaners and cupcake liners, blue cardboard paper, tape, some blue paint colours and either a sponge or a brush (or a sponge brush!).

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Create a cheeky caterpiller: indoors craft for kids

Paper caterpillar

This funky, groovy fellow is easy to make with just two strips of paper (one dark green and the other a lighter green) folded together and finished with googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make caterpillar antennae. It’s easy and fun to make for children (starting at around 4-5 years old) and looks great.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of paper in two different shades of green. OR any other colours you fancy!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Black pen

Step 1: Glue the strips together

Cut two strips of paper (one of each colour). We had two pieces of A3 paper and we cut two strips roughly 4 or 5 cm’s wide. Lay the two pieces of paper flat and at right angles, with the ends overlapping so as to form an L shape. Glue the ends together then press down firmly and allow the glue to dry.

Start folding

When the glue is completely dry, fold one length of the paper over the other so that it lies flat at a right angle to the other. Continue folding until you have formed the pleated body of a caterpillar. Trim the ends of the paper if necessary so that they are perfectly square.

paper caterpillar folding

Glue the ends

Glue the ends of the caterpillar together. Press them together firmly and allow the glue to dry completely. You may find it easier to staple the ends of the caterpillar but remember you will be able to see the staples.

This is how the body of the caterpillar should look like now:

Folded caterpillar

Finishing the paper caterpillar

Stick the googly eyes to one end of the caterpillar and use a pen to draw on a nose and mouth. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner – 5-6 cm’s in length. Apply a little bit of glue to the end of each piece and tuck inside the layers of paper, just above the eyes. Your caterpillar is complete! Ours was obviously a very hungry caterpillar so we gave it a leaf to eat.

paper caterpillar on leaf

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