Give a new life to your pegs in the shape of spiders!


My son and I were stuck indoors the other day because of illness and rain. So as we were running out of ideas and suffering from cabin fever, we decided to give the idea of making spider pegs with pipecleaners a try with a few supplies that we had at hand.

This is an easy craft that would enchant children of various ages and abilities.

What you’ll need:

supplies for spiders

Step one

Using the felt tip pens colour the spider’s bodies. Colours that complement each other such as a darker and a lighter tone are always best. Leave to dry for a bit.

coloured peg

Step two

Push the pipe cleaners through the pegs. Bend them so as to form legs bent towards the front and towards the back. Tell your cat that it’s not for them to play with!

cat paw holding the spider's pipe cleaners

Step three

Add your eyes and voila: you have your cute sassy pipe cleaner spiders!

spider peg with yellow pipe cleaners as legs

spider peg with blue pipe cleaner legs

three spiders with pipe cleaner legs

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Create a cheeky caterpiller: indoors craft for kids

Paper caterpillar

This funky, groovy fellow is easy to make with just two strips of paper (one dark green and the other a lighter green) folded together and finished with googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make caterpillar antennae. It’s easy and fun to make for children (starting at around 4-5 years old) and looks great.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of paper in two different shades of green. OR any other colours you fancy!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Black pen

Step 1: Glue the strips together

Cut two strips of paper (one of each colour). We had two pieces of A3 paper and we cut two strips roughly 4 or 5 cm’s wide. Lay the two pieces of paper flat and at right angles, with the ends overlapping so as to form an L shape. Glue the ends together then press down firmly and allow the glue to dry.

Start folding

When the glue is completely dry, fold one length of the paper over the other so that it lies flat at a right angle to the other. Continue folding until you have formed the pleated body of a caterpillar. Trim the ends of the paper if necessary so that they are perfectly square.

paper caterpillar folding

Glue the ends

Glue the ends of the caterpillar together. Press them together firmly and allow the glue to dry completely. You may find it easier to staple the ends of the caterpillar but remember you will be able to see the staples.

This is how the body of the caterpillar should look like now:

Folded caterpillar

Finishing the paper caterpillar

Stick the googly eyes to one end of the caterpillar and use a pen to draw on a nose and mouth. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner – 5-6 cm’s in length. Apply a little bit of glue to the end of each piece and tuck inside the layers of paper, just above the eyes. Your caterpillar is complete! Ours was obviously a very hungry caterpillar so we gave it a leaf to eat.

paper caterpillar on leaf

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