Ever wondered what it’s like in Little Street?

Red fire truck at Little Street

For those of you who haven’t heard of Little Street, they’re an imagination based play centre with multiple locations in Kent and Surrey.

As we live in Maidstone, and it is one of our son’s favourite places, we decided to pay Little Street a visit again and to describe our experience to other readers.

Before you go, make sure to book your session!

Once you arrive, you’ll be asked to take your shoes off – so that the place is kept as tidy as possible and little ones can run about safely.

Little Street is like a mini town with 7 areas: Starlets, Police Station, Klien Construction, Little Savers, Little Learners, Chicco’s Cafe and a Picnic area.

What my son loves to do first is jump on the little cars. For some reason, he calls one of them “his GPS”.  The little cars are usually around the massive fire engine which seems to be a favourite for all the children:

Big red fire engine at Little Street

He then likes to head over to the construction site and play with the digger and the “stones”. They might look real enough but, of course, they’re made of foam.

Boy playing with a digger and foam stones at Little Street

The Little Savers market place is a favourite for all the children. The till though might be the slowest in the world: expect long queues :p ! It’s great watching the little ones interact with each other and trying to imitate the adults with one of them behind the till and another one handing them the goods, knowing that this is what you’re supposed to do when buying stuff at the shops.

Market with plastic goods in Little Street

You can either chose to carry on visiting the rooms in order (very unlikely) or hop from one room to another with excitement. Don’t run too fast in “traffic” or you might end up behind bars, in the police station:

little street police station

After all these adventures, graciously accept a coffee (imaginary too) made by your toddler in Chicco’s Cafe, or have a rest on the benches in the Picnic area.

toddler sitting in chiccos cafe in little street

You might feel a little sick after all this cake, so pop over for a brief consultation at the doctors where you’ll be cured in an instant of all those diseases (whether imaginary or not!)

toddler at the doctors in Little Street

The whole experience wouldn’t be complete without a show, so, if your children feel like it, they can dress up as their favourite superhero, put on imaginary make-up and even perform a play for you!

toddler playing in the make up theatre room in little streetLittle Street also has a cafe area where parents can sit down for a rest, while the little ones run about. I must admit I am impressed at the precision with which the staff remember exactly where every tiny toy comes from and the speed with which these are put back where they belong, after each session!

We’ll definitely be back.

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What will vinegar do to a simple egg?

egg experiment
This is another fun experiment and we all had lots of fun watching the egg grow and seeing how big it can actually grow. However be aware that this experiment takes more than just one day. It’s fun to watch the egg shed its shell and grow.
You will need :
  • An egg
  • A glass
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Optional – food colouring if you want to turn it a different colour.
Place your egg gently in the glass, then pour enough vinegar over to cover it. You’ll notice bubbles starting to appear all over the shell. This means the shell is starting to dissolve.While it starts dissolving straight away it takes a while for the shell to dissolve completely.
Egg Vinegar Experiment
Day 1: Shell starts dissolving and carbon dioxide forms on the shell
Leave the egg in the vinegar for a day, then rinse it off and replace the vinegar with fresh vinegar. The egg should have shed most of its shell and already become slightly bigger.
By the end of day two ours had completely shed its shell and almost doubled in size.
Egg in vinegar without shell
Day 2: Whoa, no more shell!
To make the egg even bigger you can place it in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Try adding some food colouring to the water and you can pretend it is a giant alien egg!
Giant egg without shell
Day 3: squishy giant egg – the pale blue hue is given by the food colouring.

And now for the science bit:

When bubbles form on the shell, this means the acetic acid in the vinegar is reacting with the calcium carbonate in the shell and releasing carbon dioxide gas.
When the egg becomes bigger in water, this is because the shell is semi-permeable which means it will let through some water.
toddler holding egg without shell
Out of curiosity, after the experiment, we popped the egg. It took a mere touch of the knife and the egg burst (make sure to put it in a bowl though to avoid mess). The egg yolk and the egg white still remained concentrated together while water and vinegar spread throughout in the bowl.
Let us know in the comments if you tried this experiment? We tried adding some good colouring to make the egg blue and it turned a very pale blue.
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