10 Simple Boredom Busters for a Boring Rainy Day

child home made mask

Turn the kids bed into a pirate ship

Do your children make their beds in the morning? We’re willing to bet they don’t, especially at weekends. So, on a rainy week-end, when everyone wants to lay in their pyjamas a little longer, why not embrace it, create a pirate ship right in your child’s bed and play a little pirate game. First name your ship, something like The Deceitful Eel, the Flying King or the Good Squid. Then make a team of crew mates – with dolls, toys and teddies and give them names : Hysterical Darius Scarr, or Sweatin’ Benjamin Sparrow. Take the top sheet and throw it over the headboard to make a sail. Make sure everyone – the captain, the crew members are on the bed, ensuring that they are not eaten by sharks (remind them of the shark at regular intervals).

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