These butterflies will warm your heart up in winter

dark butterflies with colourful spots of tissue paper

This is quite an easy craft to do, and one that both parents and little ones will enjoy.

Tissue paper offers so many possibilities – such as creating these amazing candle jars and these tissue paper butterflies are another great little craft activity.

We made ours some time ago and our butterflies are still displayed on the doors leading to our conservatory. The colourful spots of tissue paper act like stained glass, letting the light through and giving a darker room a merry feeling.

You can also make different shapes – butterflies, hearts or more traditional stained-glass like windows. The brightly coloured pieces will look great glued back against a darker coloured shape of paper.

What you will need:

cat playing with pipe cleaners and supplies used for butterflies

Step one: create the butterfly template

Depending on your abilities or mood, you can skip this step and draw freely on the cardboard paper.

We just drew a very simple butterfly with two larger wings and two smaller ones placed underneath.

You can draw other shapes too, such as hearts, or even a window shape. Place your template on the piece of black paper and draw around it using the white pencil (this is to make the butterfly shape easier to see)


butterfly shape traced with white on paper

Step two: cut out your butterfly

Use the scissors to cut out the butterfly shape. If you are making more than one butterfly, you may want to try cutting out all the shapes at once before cutting the holes and sticking the tissue paper. We enjoyed drawing them individually and cutting them separately, as some butterflies were smaller and some were bigger.

black cardboard paper butterfly shape

Step three: draw shapes

Using the white pencil, draw rounded shapes on the back of the black paper. Use scissors to carefully cut out the shapes which will form the holes for the tissue paper. We drew various round and oval shapes of different sizes.

Step four: Finishing

Cut out piece of tissue paper that are just slightly bigger than the openings you created in step three. Glue them to the back of the butterfly shape. Use only a tiny amount of glue as too much will cause the tissue paper to get wet and tear. Finish the butterfly with two pipe cleaner antennae attached with bobs of glue or with tape.

colourful paper butterflies against window


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