These Christmas crafts are so cool, you’ll want to make them!

pink christmas tree on a red background

Can you believe it’s less than a month until Christmas? It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were welcoming in the New Year, does it?

For all the joy of Christmas and the wonder of the season, it can be a stressful time too – especially when it comes to finding the right gifts. With all the Christmas music in shops, decorations and ‘sale’ ‘sale’ ‘sale’ ads, it can all get a bit overwhelming and tricky to find something personal.

I’ve often found that a personal, homemade gift, lovingly made with the kids, makes for a lovely, heartfelt a gift.

We’ve rounded up in the post some brilliant and easy to make Christmas crafts that can also make great keepsake gifts for friends and families :

Fingerprint snowmen ornaments

Snowglobe with men shaped from fingerprintsVia

This craft drew my attention as it is really easy to make and can make some normal baubles truly stand out. All you need are some plain baubles, some white paint and some felt to make the scarves for the snowmen. Ask your child to cover their hands in white paint (this should really entertain them!) and to hold the baubles. In order to create the snowmen, draw some eyes, noses and mouths. Use some felt to make their scarves. You can also draw some snowflakes.

Paper plate Santa

Paper place with cotton balls Santa face


This is a classic craft activity, very inexpensive and fun to make. It takes some time to make, for the paint to dry as usually paper plates need more than just one coating to look nice, as we discovered when we first made our paper plates froggies.

All you need is some paper plates, cotton balls, and paint (red, orange, pink, white and black), and either some glue or a hot glue gun.

Start by painting the plate orange – leave to dry then repeat. Paint the nose, the cheeks and the eyes. Again leave to dry. Carefully glue the cotton beads onto the bottom of the plate to form the beard.

Paint the top half of the plate red, then after it is all dry, glue some more cotton balls to make the hat.

Christmas cards for Dad

christmas card for dad


Melt Dad’s heart by helping your little one deliver a home made card this winter! All you need is some card stock paper, glue, a pair of scissors and silvery glitter glue.

Fold a piece of white card stock paper in half. Draw a bubble letter “D” on a piece of red paper and cut two out. Make a triangle for the Christmas tree from the green paper.

Add a yellow star, tree stump, and some decorations with the glitter glue.

Sponge Painted Christmas Sock

Sponge Christmas orange sock


You will need:

  • two sheets of red card stock paper
  • sponges in different shapes (you can also cut a kitchen sponge into various shapes – square, rectangle, triangle)
  • colours
  • wool
  • single hole puncher
  • scissors

Draw a shape of the Christmas sock on the red paper and cut it out – making two identical socks. Put one over another and start punching holes along the edges. You can decorate the sock by stamping various shapes, using various colours. Let the kid make this as unique as they wan’t to – and we all know the more, the better!

Once the socks are decorated place them on on top of the other and lace with wool to hold them together.

Now fill it up with stocking fillers and sweets!

Handprint Christmas tree

Handprint Christmas tree with baubles

Via Pinkieforpink

This is very easy to make, a bit messy and will make a brilliant card for family as well. All you need is some white paper, paints and little hands and fingers. Use the hand prints to make the  tree branches with green paint. Paint on the trunk and star. Once the tree is dry  you can either use finger prints or brushes for the lights.

Pine cone garlands

Pine cone DIY Christmas garlands


This is a very nice decoration that will fit around a fireplace. The tutorial in the picture is pretty self-explanatory, all you need is some pine cones (a lot, of them!), some white paint to make the snow frost and red wool.

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